One of the world’s largest Grocers has selected Refresh to classify some $30B worth of products to UNSPSC.
One of the world’s largest cement and clinker producers has selected Refresh to de-duplicate and classify all spare parts and services.
One of the world’s largest gold mining companies has selected Refresh to de-duplicate and spend classify all purchases for up to 20 new and existing mines.
Global top 10 producer of polyethylene & polypropylene completes 6 month RFP process, selects Refresh Desktop for cleansing & Refresh Server for data governance in SAP.
This leading diversified mining services company, selected Refresh in a project to assign UNSPSC codes to every purchased item across all commodities.
For the last 10 years online meetings have been the cornerstone of our implementation and support work with our customers, given that they are on 6 continents.
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