New Customer – Canadian Mining Co.

One of the world’s largest copper, zinc and nickel miners has selected Refresh to de-duplicate and classify all spare parts in SAP.

Headquartered in Toronto, with mining operations in North America, South America, LATAM, and Europe, this leading global mining company has an impressive number of mining assets globally.

At Fresh we are not new to the mining industry. In the last couple of decades, we have seen mining and commodity verticals reorganize themselves quite significantly in order to focus on their strategic future products and markets. With this strategy, there has been a large amount of consolidation and then divestment and reinvestment in assets that suit the particular product and market mix of any given player in a typical 5 year period. This inevitably means that post-acquisition of new operations, at either our existing mining customers or new ones like this one, there suddenly exists a large amount of data that may not be “a cut and paste” to the current data set. This normally presents a headache as well as a great opportunity for prioritized cleansing and spare parts rationalization work using our software tools.

At this particular new mining customer, all of the existing 100 000 assets and materials in SAP had some level of duplication, renaming, and clarification opportunity for both Supply Chain / Purchasing as well as Operations / Maintenance. Refresh software was selected from a shortlist of five software suppliers after an almost year-long RFP process, punctuated by a freeze for the pandemic. Refresh was selected in the end particularly due to its ease of use and automation of de-duplication and classification of SAP material masters in a live competitive demo environment.

So far, some 7% of items have been identified that seem to be duplicated to some degree. This should present us with some good quick win savings during 2021, and stand us in good stead for the next phase of the project – delivering a single globally optimized master database in SAP to drive lean working capital, optimized procurement, and streamlined maintenance processes.

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