New Customer – City Government Utility

This large European provider of electricity, heating, water and waste services is using Refresh to cleanse, de-duplicate and UNSPSC-classify all parts in their supply chain.

As one of the most forward thinking and energy-optimized cities in Western Europe, with almost a million people needing heating, cooling, electricity, water and waste services on a daily basis, there are significant moving parts and data challenges. Firstly, there are multiple large assets to maintain, with return-on-capital-employed being the key metric. Secondly there are multiple opportunities for CO2 reductions while keeping the lights and heat on for all. This effectively means modernizing all aspects of the business including the procurement, de-duplication and on-time availability of many complex assets, equipment and parts.

In the short term, a large amount of item data from IBM Maximo and other systems need to be commodity coded to UNSPSC, catalogued with engineering descriptions, and loaded into the new ERP, IFS Cloud. This need for re-cleansing is due to a previous implementation in the past few years which “was under pressure during the cleansing phase to save time”. Particularly important were certain plants and storage locations (warehouses / stock / stores) where some 35 000 parts needed the most improvement. The project is ongoing, with the team now motivated to tidy up, using a dedicated software and methodology for speed and accuracy. Significant new savings are expected for both procurement and engineering operations during 2023, as they use the ERP to become more data-driven, improve innovation and deliver a better service at lowest total cost of ownership.

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