New Customer – European Chemical co.

Global top 10 producer of polyethylene & polypropylene completes 6 month RFP process, selects Refresh Desktop for cleansing & Refresh Server for data governance in SAP.

An international provider of polyolefins, base chemicals, and fertilizers, the company has its head office in Europe but currently employs 7000 key staff in 120 countries worldwide. Factories are primarily in Europe, with manufacturing locations in Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, and Italy, but also significant operations in Brazil and the USA. The company is extremely innovative with a large R&D staffing of over 500 in research and innovation centers in 3 countries, with up to 200 patents filed per year.

Thus, modern technology and a global view to the supply chain are two cornerstones of their business, and so they were actively seeking a new, innovative and multilingual solution to cleanse and govern some 200 000 SAP material masters in English, German, Dutch, Italian, Finnish, Swedish and French. The project has been kicked off during a time when many of the software users are mandated to work from home and are currently well placed to show areas for purchasing and operations savings in an otherwise tough 2020 business environment.

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