New Customer – Fortune 500 Engineering Co.

This well-known technology and IoT company, based in the USA, has licensed our Refresh Desktop data standardization software to drive smart logistics and spend management

With almost 80 000 employees across 200 manufacturing locations, it can be tough to get consistently described and coded product and service data. Management had committed to looking for innovations that would set them apart from their competitors in logistics and supply chain and so they were intrigued when one of their recent MBA interns researched the Refresh software approach online and arranged a first demo with some real data.

Even during this initial 1 hour WebEx demo on some real in-house PO and Non-PO line item data the Procurement leadership team felt confident they could leverage Refresh to get renewed visibility on:

  • Whether the size of spend seems right per category, e.g. do we expect so many PPE / safety purchases from so many suppliers? Can we consolidate perhaps in the USA market as a start?
  • Automatically identified duplicates. Are some country-wide or global suppliers consistently more expensive with the same item? Or certain categories?
  • Our smart logistics – is it as smart as it can be? Do we have parts in the right warehouses just in time and available when needed? Easily identified? True functional substitutes identified? At the lowest cost?
  • The purchasing process – is it consistent and correct e.g. PO vs non-PO, are the accounts and buyers and descriptions consistent?
  • Low hanging fruit - what sticks out from the analysis and is it quantifiably interesting to chase? What are the top 10 spend categories, lucrative to chase AND easy to chase now?

The customer decided to license Refresh Desktop, unlimited and enterprise-wide and has now started the process of harvesting some quick wins. Current estimates show savings adding up to many times the project cost.

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