New Customer – Irish mine, largest in EU

This mine, the largest of its kind in Europe, selected Refresh in an ongoing project to tidy up the Item Master before loading it into the IBM Maximo 7.6. system.

Being one of the largest mines of its kind globally and certainly the largest in Europe means there are many spare parts, equipment and assets to purchase and look after on a daily basis. Fortunately, this mine already had a sister company running Refresh for Maximo who proposed Refresh Desktop to them as a tool to improve on item master data. This included generating new descriptions, de-duplicating them and finally loading them back into all purchasing and asset management systems. In previous attempts, it had been time-consuming to agree on standards for naming conventions, but using the built-in standards from Refresh sped things along. After two days of on-site preparation and training, personnel in the inventory department were already working on Refresh at least one day a week, cleansing and re-loading item masters into Maximo section-by-section - well on track for a clean and early implementation of Maximo 7.6. 

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