New Customer – Leading Cement co.

One of the world’s largest cement and clinker producers has selected Refresh to de-duplicate and classify all spare parts and services.

Saudi Arabia is the largest country on the Arabian Peninsula, at 2.15 million square kilometres. It is the world's number one oil producer and exporter and has an impressive cement industry supported by many large infrastructure projects that drive substantial cement demand.

Historically, whenever there has been a large demand for product, it is common that priorities focus mainly on building new production lines and maximizing capacity on existing lines. This prioritization usually means that good opportunities for maintenance optimization and spare parts rationalization present themselves afterwards. At this leading innovative cement company, there exist opportunities in some 60 000 Oracle Item Masters, some of which have current duplication or inconsistent nomenclature. Seeing this, Refresh Desktop software was selected by management to enable and assist the existing cataloguing team to perform this deduplication and cleansing job in-house.

So far, some 8% of items have been identified that seem to be duplicated to some degree, which should present us with some good quick win savings during 2020. Over the next few months, all the materials and services will be commodity coded to UNSPSC and an internal segment code, de-duplicated and re-described where necessary for loading into a new IBM Maximo system. This cleaned set of items and services will also be loaded into Oracle to represent a single globally optimized master database driving lean working capital, optimized buying and streamlined maintenance.

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