New Customer – Leading Gold Miner

One of the world’s largest gold mining companies has selected Refresh to de-duplicate and spend classify all purchases for up to 20 new and existing mines.

As a large multinational gold miner, currently finalizing a sizeable acquisition of new gold mining operations, this company has many spare parts, assets and services to standardize. These fall under the umbrella of the existing operations as well as at the newly acquired mines and plants, and with this large and growing footprint comes a very wide portfolio of purchases as well as a significant degree of suspected overlap in some areas. The overlapping stocks and purchases of course present a practical opportunity for financial savings, but not without first overcoming the challenge of identifying which items in detail are in fact equivalent. Refresh software will be used by the existing cataloging team to do this job in-house.

The team completed 2 half-days of training on Refresh Desktop online this week. Over the next few weeks, a large number of materials and services, primarily from legacy SAP will be commodity coded to UNSPSC, de-duplicated against the existing master file of Oracle items, and then loaded back into the Oracle system from Refresh. The existing set of items and services from Oracle will also be cleaned and de-duplicated in this process so as to arrive timeously at a single globally optimized master database. This Refreshed database will drive lean working capital and streamlined operational buying during a tough 2020.

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