New Customer – Top 10 Grocer

One of the world’s largest Grocers has selected Refresh to classify some $30B worth of products to UNSPSC.

With 20 000 employees, 140 000 SKUs (stock keeping units) and some 20 million square feet of wholesale distribution storage, this grocery giant touches almost every home in the United States. With so many products under so many varied categories, including produce, meat, dairy, delicatessen, bakery items, health and beauty, candy, beverages and tobacco, there is a real need to automate the Herculean task of assigning product classification codes for each and every line item.

One non-negotiable need is clean and consistent UNSPSC classification for each product enabling the Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Indirect Tax software to do its job. After detailed online demonstrations by MS Teams meetings, Refresh Desktop software was selected by the tax and procurement management to enable and assist the existing small team to perform this de-duplication and classification confirmation job in-house. In the short term, the most important 70 000 Oracle Item Masters are to be checked and validated with UNSPSC.

So far, excellent teamwork in online workshops has identified the most streamlined way of working on this file: using sorts and filters on description, general ledger and Nielsen category codes. This validated set of items will then reflect in Oracle and ONESOURCE further maintaining trustworthy compliance and long term visibility on indirect tax as products move within and across states.

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