New Customer – Top 10 U.S. Retailer

This well-known Fortune 50 Company has licensed our Refresh Desktop data standardization software for logical tile design in Ariba Guided Buying.

With a cutting-edge online shopping experience and thousands of brick and mortar stores, this retail giant is currently leading the way in composite commerce - blending the best of digital and physical shopping experiences for their customers today.

Management has committed to further modernize this business by investing billions of dollars to advance several technology priorities that will set them apart from their competitors in the medium term. One of the key areas is in Smart Supply Chain / Smart Logistics with an exciting opportunity in the multiple procurement and inventory data sets that power the manufacturing and retailing of so many products to so many people.

In this phase of the project, our Refresh Desktop tool will be used to standardize and spend classify indirect procurement materials and services used primarily at the distribution and retail sites. It will focus on all the stores, distribution centers, warehouses, fleet, and other assets in the United States. Data will be extracted from multiple systems and this data will be cleansed, automatically spend-classified and coded to UNSPSC by the Refresh data algorithms and dictionaries. Spend categorization, cataloging, account determination and commodity coding will be all be automated to a significant degree within the Refresh Desktop tool and the corrected data then uploaded back to the customer systems. One major use of Refresh Desktop here will be for logical tile design in Ariba Guided Buying.

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