New Customer – US Govt. Supply Co.

A leading Washington D.C. based government supply company has selected Refresh to classify up to a million products to UNSPSC.

Headquartered in D.C., with suppliers and warehouses throughout North America, this leading government supply company has some three-quarters-of-a-million items that it routinely sells within the government science and laboratory space.

Given the investments in science and technology in the last decade, as well as the current increased demand for research, testing, and laboratory items during the pandemic, this particular supply chain needs excellent visibility now more than ever. This visibility can be driven in part by the professional classification of all products so that customers and suppliers can effectively “speak the same language”. Indeed, at many of Fresh’s other medical/lab/research clients, there have been excellent opportunities for supply chain clarity and rationalization, as well as increased sales through increased product visibility for the customer.

At this new software customer, Refresh was selected mainly due to its automation of UNSPSC classification of a large number of product masters quickly and efficiently, without much human resource need. So far, work has focussed on delivering UNSPSC codes aligned to a set of more customized and science-focused product categories, with the goal of delivering both at the same time. This should drive much higher internal and external visibility, presenting an optimized way to supply as well as to purchase these very technical products.

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