New Customer: Global Fortune 500 Co.

After a 6 month RFP investigating solutions from 25 suppliers, Refresh has emerged as the software of choice for standardizing more than 1 million SAP materials globally.

As one of the world’s most well-known basic materials companies with almost a hundred billion dollars in assets running at more than 120 plants across 6 continents, there are significant challenges and opportunities in this supply chain. A large proportion of this million-strong material master impacts the daily working lives of up to 50 000 employees using various business systems spread across the globe. And with its top three operational zones of North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe, many of the items of supply are expensive to procure and stock, often multilingual in their descriptions, and critical to find quickly.

All of this brings an in-house commitment to large amounts of master data. This was immediately evident in the thorough quality of the RFP process, as well as the ample time and effort invested by the professional team in selecting a data standardization software solution from the global state of the art. This included live demonstration days on-site as well as detailed comparisons between software providers culminating in a “blind” live test on a large sample of real data. The field was narrowed, and Refresh emerged the most suitable solution for the company to cleanse the existing material master data, remove duplicates, and provide an automated real-time governance interface to easily find, check, de-duplicate and create all materials going forward.

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