Refresh Server for SAP MDG

Our Master Data Governance tool, Refresh Server for SAP, is an add-on to SAP ECC6 and S/4 Hana that generates standardized Material Masters in SAP ERP. It has been live at large customers world-wide since 2007. The Material Master request form and standardization logic is now available for SAP MDG as well.


The user friendly Material Master request form in Refresh generates standardized MM requests in SAP MDG, where it follows your normal governance process. It is basically a layer on top of the MDG for the material master requestors.


This is a part of the detailed view of a request for a new material in Refresh:

The descriptions, SAP material group 067 and UNSPSC code in the example picture have been generated automatically by Refresh Server.

The Basic Data Text in the example above has been generated from the characteristic values. The values could come from the user, or from vendor catalogs. The class templates are delivered as part of the Refresh software package.



You decide and configure what you want Refresh Server to assist with, but out of the box it...

  • classifies the material master with an ISO standard multi-lingual dictionary,
  • checks for existing duplicate materials,
  • enriches the data from vendor catalogs,
  • assigns the global standard spend code UNSPSC automatically,
  • assigns the standard tax code Intrastat / Harmonized Systems Code / NSC / eCLASS and foreign trade commodity code automatically,
  • assigns your local SAP material group automatically,
  • generates the short descriptions, Basic Data Texts and Purchase Order texts in multiple languages,

...before submitting the new request to SAP MDG for approval and maintenance of additional views.


This is the "same" example request inside SAP MDG, where it can be maintained, checked and activated as per your normal governance process:

The request form in Refresh could also attach documents, generate Material BOM:s and mass-upload new material masters. All using standard SAP technologies without modifications inside our own /FRESH/ namespace, which is allocated by SAP AG in Waldorf.


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